Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City is a picturesque city with a European Feel. The cobblestone streets and french architecture give it an old time romantic feel. Quebec City is easily accessible from New England, and offers a cultural experience different than what exists within the walls of the US of A. It was great for a quick fall baecation, but would really be great for anyone to visit. … Continue reading Quebec City, Canada

One Day in Burlington, Vermont

In terms of great places to be in the fall in New England, Burlington, Vermont hits the spot. It also happens to be where I was born, so its basically a landmark. It is a great small city that has plenty of restaurants, bars, breweries and shops, in addition to a number of outdoor activities. The air in Vermont always feels fresher to me and … Continue reading One Day in Burlington, Vermont

Quebec City, Montreal & Burlington, VT

This trip came about like many others I go on, semi-randomly. I had gotten the itch to go to Montreal some time ago. I tend to think of northern Vermont (where I was born) as the ends of the earth in terms of snowiness and coldness. The fact that such a large city lies just beyond Vermont’s bounds was and still is somewhat mind blowing … Continue reading Quebec City, Montreal & Burlington, VT

Robinhood – Can I Get Rich Day Trading?

Robinhood is a stock trading app that is popular with millennials. What’s great about it is that you can buy and sell stocks without a commission charge. Other stock sites can charge around $6.99 per transaction. I have used Robinhood to play around with buying stocks in an effort to learn. I have no technically legitimate stock research advice to give, but here are a … Continue reading Robinhood – Can I Get Rich Day Trading?

Key West Travel Guide – Part 2

Things to know about Key West, Accommodations, Travel Logistics & Cost   Things to Know: Cash – Remember to get cash out before going on any tourist type activity. There was definitely a big tipping culture, and there will be a tipping portion of the program when the event concludes. It’s so rare that I carry cash nowadays, and the use of it is starting … Continue reading Key West Travel Guide – Part 2

To Juice Cleanse, or not to Juice Cleanse?

Ever wonder if it is worth it to try out a Juice Cleanse? I’ve thought of doing a cleanse before but never pulled the trigger. I’ve heard mixed reviews, from people being cranky AF to it being a good way to drop a few pounds quick. Nothing I’ve heard indicated it’s the healthiest thing to be doing, but I wanted to try it out regardless. Scene: … Continue reading To Juice Cleanse, or not to Juice Cleanse?

New England Day Trips: Essex/Ipswich, Ma

One Sunday in July, J & I took a day trip to Essex/Ipswich, Ma. It was a uniquely New England Day filled with activities, and was a great way to spend a day. J.T. Farnums Seafood – We kicked the day off at this quintessential New England Seafood joint, and had an excellent meal. Nothing to complain about a great lobster roll and a great … Continue reading New England Day Trips: Essex/Ipswich, Ma