One Day in Burlington, Vermont

In terms of great places to be in the fall in New England, Burlington, Vermont hits the spot. It also happens to be where I was born, so its basically a landmark. It is a great small city that has plenty of restaurants, bars, breweries and shops, in addition to a number of outdoor activities. The air in Vermont always feels fresher to me and Burlington is no exception. Josh and I went there recently for just one day and night in early October on the way back from Canada and had a great time.


Brewery Crawl:

Burlington has a number of awesome breweries, that it is known for. We started off at Foam, and then walked to the other spots. Going the direct route is around 2.2 miles. You can take a scenic route right along Lake Champlain which would be a bit longer, but on a nice day would be ideal to burn off some cals after drinking a bit. Biking would be an option as well.

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 9.17.12 PM


Stop 1: Foam


Cool place, delicious beer. Long lines to order. Had a large amount of outdoor space, in the front and in the back. Out of all the places, I liked the beer at Foam the best, and Foam the best in general. The weather was decent when we were there, but slightly chilly. On a nicer day you could spend all day there straight relaxing and enjoying.

Their snack menu was so euphoric to me. I was really in the market for a cheese plate with some olives, and they had exactly that and some more. Just everything I was looking for, and really hit the spot. Big fan of Foam.

Stop 2: Citizens Cider


Set up like a typical bar/restaurant. Citizens cider is somewhat new on my radar but I am a fan! TBH didn’t really even realize this was in Burlington, but it was on the path we were walking so we came across it. Pretty crowded as the other places were so we split a cider at the bar.

Stop 3: Zero Gravity


Cool spot – set up like a typical restaurant w/ farmhouse casual decor.

Stop 4: Queen City


More of a warehouse ambiance here. The bar was in the middle of the brewery. They had more german type beers. Honestly none of them really hit the spot for me, but it was still a cool place.

Stop 5: Switch Back


Concluding the brewery tour – was a stop at Switch Back brewery. This was a little ways away from the other ones. Another great establishment.

Bonus: On the way to Switch Back was the  “Biggest File Cabinet” in the world. We also made a pit stop at the Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory which was delicious as well.

Walk Along Lake Champlain:


As Mentioned – we walked the majority of the brewery crawl along Lake Champlain. It offers some ~spectacula~ views

Roam Church Street:


Church Street is the main drag in Burlington in terms of bars, restaurants, and shopping. You can spend plenty of time here, popping into different art galleries, outdoor gear stores, and a bar or two before a 9:30 PM reservation. Nice, clean street to shop, bar hop, or generally tool around. One place we didn’t get to that my sister and I have been known to frequent is a vintage store called “Old Gold”‘.

Notable Restaurants


Honey Road: Tapas establishment. Founded by a chef from Oleana in Cambridge. Had a great time here. We had a number of delicious Tapas. Cost was not overly expensive for what it was. One of the highlights was a homemade salted caramel ice cream bar which really was amazing.


Lodging costs in Burlington were super expensive for when we went. Every time I’ve looked in fall this seems to be the case. We ended up doing a private room on Air BnB to the tune of $250 a night. This was the first time I have done a private room via Air BnB. It wouldn’t be my first choice (or really something I typically thought about as an option) but the prices were so ridiculous it just made more sense, and it worked out fine.

It was a nice 2 bedroom condo in a building a couple of miles from downtown, where we had one of the bedrooms. The other belonged to the lady who owned the condo.  We never saw the lady we were sharing the place with. She wasn’t there when we arrived. When we got back, she stayed in her room with the door closed until we left, the next morning. So for one night, it was totally fine.



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