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A Lifestyle Optimization Blog – It aims to takes an investigative approach into areas of Money/Personal Finance, Travel, and Lifestyle . Experiences will be reviewed in an attempt to determine their true value and how they can contribute to the most ideal lifestyle design.

The blog attempts to uncover new and different experiences, and share ideas. It will consider the time and cost of the experience, whether it was worthwhile and enjoyable, and whether it can contribute positively to making life better.


Learning, Continuous Exploration, Having Fun, and Keeping it Real It is about useful, realistic, and informative content. It is not about portraying a staged unattainable lifestyle or inspirational quotes. It is about seeing the world, getting smarter, happier, healthier & wealthier. 

Financial Independence/Tranparency – This blog will have a focus on achieving Financial Independence eventually, but I am not prioritizing financial independence above all else.

Who am I? –  An early 30 something, Boston based, millennial female, working in technology who is attempting to explore all of the above.

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