The Kombucha Buzz

I don’t remember how it started. It can be a bit of an acquired taste. I do remember the first time I felt it. I was at work, at my desk mid-afternoon. I thought to myself wow – I am in an unreasonably good mood right now. High energy levels, happy mood, feeling friendly, clear minded, pretty much ready to do anything. This is rare, I thought. Then I realized it was the Kombucha I had just chugged.

The Kombucha Buzz is magical to me. It’s now a base level addiction. I need to be within striking distance of a kombucha or have them in the fridge at any given time. The benefits are unpalpable. Now, I don’t know the sciency details behind it, but I do know what I’ve experienced:

Energy Boost: Kombucha contains caffeine. The energy boost is somewhat slight, maybe similar to having a tea that’s not super strong. I can be a little sensitive to caffeine, and this is a more even experience. It’s not like an espresso jolt.

Light Carbonation: Kombucha can taste slightly like a soda, slightly like an alcoholic bev. The slight carbonation makes it taste more like a treat.

De-Bloating Effect: There are probiotics in Kombucha which after drinking one, always leaves me feeling my stomach is slightly flatter.

Magic Effects (The Kombucha Buzz): This is the overall effect of the Kombucha experience. There are trace amounts of alcohol in Kombucha, so maybe the buzz I am mentioning is an actual micro buzz. After having a Kombucha I generally just feel great. It seems like there are a lot of new varieties of Kombucha coming out now, so I try to switch it up. I don’t have an allegiance to specific brands, but some I like better than others.

I do like a Trader Joe’s Kombuch. Price is cheaper than others and the sugar content is low.

When Selecting a Kombucha, Watch Out For:

Sugar Content: I was at an airport once bragging about Kombucha when my sister sugar shamed me on the contents of my prized beverage. “What are you talking about?” I said. “There are 8 grams of sugar in this, that’s not bad.” She pointed out that was per serving, so really there were 16 grams in what I was drinking. I looked like a fool in front of some pals, so beware of the sugar amounts you are working with. I’ve seen ones with as low as 4 or 5 grams, that seems to be the best case scenario. Because of the nature of the drink, if there were any less than 4 or 5 grams something else would probably be off.

Sugar High: I only experience this with certain brands of Kombucha (generally those higher in sugar) but at times I experience a bit of a sugar high which can result in a very small crash when it wears off.

Taste: Many can be off-put by the taste at first, but give it a couple of times. It is fermented, so it can have a strong vinegary type taste.

Price: One Kombucha can set you back $4.00 – $5.00, so it’s kind of like getting a latte or other specialty beverage. I haven’t figured out a cost efficient scheme for bulk purchasing as of yet. When I see them on sale at the grocery store, I’ll try to grab some of them. At Whole Foods, they have Kombucha on draft and large bottles you can re-fill, but I’ve done the math and it seems to be the exact same price. They also have large pre-filled bottles for sale, but those also don’t appear to be any cheaper. I’ve attempted to order a case online, which hasn’t panned out. Also want to check out Costco’s or BJ’s if they are in bulk there, but they aren’t that I’ve heard of. At some point Josh is going to test brewing Kombucha, so more to come on that.

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